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Racing Clubs

Members of the Free Enterprise community have established some regular race times and flagsets when there is not also a tournament running. The various clubs each focus on a flagset or experience, and between them all give players a wide variety of ways to experience the game.

The races and clubs are open to everyone, and you do not have to join the event (via the listed Join Command in the #bot-commands channel in the Discord) to race in any of the races. Joining the event allows you to earn points in the event itself, so you can compare your performance in the event overall, as well as individual races.

Live Race Schedule

These clubs have races featured on the official FreeEnterprise Twitch Channels on schedule that alternates each week. All are welcome to participate or watch!

(A) Week Schedule

Day Time Event Channel Notes
Thursday 8pm ET Pink Puff League Also has weekly asyncs
Saturday 3pm ET Moms Spaghetti Club Also has weekly asyncs

(B) Week Schedule

Day Time Event Channel Notes
Tuesday 9pm ET Survivor Hero Island VOD Review
Wednesday 8pm ET Lunar Racing Club Also has weekly asyncs
Sunday 3pm ET Wacky Races

Event Calendar

The full list of upcoming races can be viewed as a spreadsheet or a calendar:

Async Clubs

These are clubs that have their races run asynchronously within the Discord. Look in the Community Clubs channel category for individual club channels or in #async-announcements for information about the races.

Club Name Race Info
99 Percenters S4 Weekly Async
Bad Ideas Club S2 Weekly Async
Choose Your Own Ordeals S2 Weekly Draft and Async
Looters Anonymous S4 Weekly Async
Lunar Racing Club Weekly Async
Moms Spaghetti Club Weekly Async
Sumomo Championship Racing S2 Weekly Async
Survivor - Hero Island S2 Weekly Async
Toroian Tango S6 Biweekly 2v2 Async
Tricker's Trials S5 Biweekly Async

Note that the Pink Puff League also runs weekly asyncs that don't count towards club standings.

Previously Active Clubs

There are a number of other clubs that have been active, and that might become active once more. See here for more details.

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