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Mom's Spaghetti Club

So I have your curiosity now? Good, Let's chat!

Mom's Spaghetti Club is named from the origins of the meme: Eminem's “8 Mile,” a semi-autobiographical song about his early rap career, a mix of anxiety and excitement you get before stepping onto the stage. It's not all good, it's not all bad; but mastering control of that feeling is the key towards winning a rap battle. It just so happens that it's the key to winning a Free Enterprise Speedrun, as well.

This flagset aims to maximize that feeling into a compact frame. There's plenty of power available, but with only 4/10 objectives required, including some easy objectives, you don't always have time to invest in all the power you want. This is designed to be an easily-approachable flagset for beginners, but have a high skill ceiling for mastery of routing and decision-making. The goal: never be comfortable or able to run on auto-pilot. See the full writeup.


O1:boss_wyvern/2:quest_tradepink/random:8,quest,boss,char/req:5/win:game Kmain/summon/trap/nofree Pnone Cstandard/nofree/distinct:7/no:yang/j:abilities/nekkie Twild/sparse:70/maxtier:6 Swild/no:apples Bstandard/alt:gauntlet Etoggle Gwarp/life/sylph/backrow -kit:random -kit2:random -noadamants -smith:super -wacky:omnidextrous

Club Details

  • Race day and time: Live race Saturday 3pm (biweekly); Weekly asyncs open on Sunday evenings
  • Organizer: Vitasia
  • Streaming: not required
  • Join Command: !joinevent "Mom's Spaghetti Club Second Helpings"

Flag History

Season 1

O1:boss_fabulgauntlet/2:quest_giant/random:8,quest,boss/req:4/win:game Kmain/summon/trap Pkey Cstandard/nofree/distinct:7/restrict:cecil,fusoya/j:abilities/nekkie/nodupes Twildish/sparse:70/maxtier:6 Swild/sell:quarter/no:apples Bstandard/alt:gauntlet/whichburn Etoggle Glife/sylph/backrow -kit:random -noadamants -spoon -smith:super

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