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Flagset Generation

  • - By yourself or with friends, pick and choose from randomly generated cards to make a Free Enterprise flagset - created and maintained by Galeswift
  • Tricker - a bot for generating Mystery Seeds, available through the #mystery-seeds channel on the Discord - created and maintained by ZoeVermilion

Reference Spreadsheets And Calculators





Trackers with Auto-Tracking Support

The following auto-trackers are now race-legal in FE:

  • Dunka's Tracker, by BigDunka - KI, Location, Party, and Shop tracker by BigDunka. Flagset aware, Qusb2snes support.
  • FESight, by abigtoe - (for BizHawk) automatically tracks Key Items obtained, and used, available locations, populates a list of objectives, provides a stopwatch timer, and a bit more.
  • fftracker, by simbu - autotracker for Snes9x, BizHawk, and hardware that supports Qusb2snes. Also creates summary logs (and optionally, more detailed logs that are not race-legal).
  • Free Enterprise Companion, by Kyuuden - Autotracker for BizHawk. Tracks Key Items, Party Members, Objectives, and available Locations automatically (and bosses manually), displayed using in-game assets.
  • Pollendina, by Konkers - KI, and Map/Location tracking. Allows autotracking. Windows/MacOS application with built-in FE support.

Manual Trackers

Other Tools

  • Chrono - A Time Analysis Tool for FF4FE. See how much time you spent in each area, boss fight, etc. For use with simbu's fftracker logger, which includes a race-legal version and a more detailed version that is not currently race-legal. Created and maintained by abigtoe, in collaboration with simbu.

See the Free Enterprise Resources spreadsheet for a few more

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