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Getting Started

Free Enterprise is a romhack of Final Fantasy IV for the SNES. To play Free Enterprise, you will need to provide your own copy of the Final Fantasy II US v1.1 ROM. (Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with this file ourselves.)

If you're looking to dive straight in, the quickest way to get playing is to head to the online randomizer, select a preset, and click “Generate”. After a few moments, you'll be presented with a page where you can patch your ROM, which you can then load into your emulator or flash cart of choice.

A few starting flagset suggestions:

  • Casual - Find the Crystal, beat up Zeromus. You can find great gear in treasure chests or for sale in shops.
  • Supermarket Sweep - in the collection of Ladder Season 3 or Ladder Season 4. There are small differences between the two, but both have the main feature of Supermarket Sweep: free shops with the best weapons and armor available.
  • Lali-Ho Redux - a more beginner friendly version of the Lali-Ho Swiss flags (spring 2021 tournament). Found in the Ladder Season 3 collection

To start learning about Free Enterprise, check out the collection of links in Info For Beginners, or consult some of the guides linked in Guides & Resources. Core Gameplay Changes and riversmccown's newbie's guide are a couple of good things to read as you're getting started

For hands-on guidance, feel free to drop into the #newbies_corner channel in our Discord! All are welcome.

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