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Restream Team

We are also interested in volunteers looking to help administer and run our race streams. Specifically, we look for:

Interested in signing up? Visit!


Sages are community members who have demonstrated exemplary understanding of the mechanics of Free Enterprise, and are willing to help out when seeds throw serious curve balls.

Most questions and difficulties can be resolved by discussion in general or #newbies-corner, but sometimes you need a Sage, and this is the role to ping for that assistance… if they're not already in the thick of it, breaking down advanced FE concepts.

If you have the knowledge, the willingness, and the patience to help out in this fashion, here's the form to join the ranks!

Suggestion Submission Forms

Have an idea for a neat song for Edward to play? Or some new cosplay for Zeromus to try out? How about a flagset for one of our Community Races? Use one of these forms to let us know what you're thinking, and you might just see it happen!

Zeromus Sprites:
Dark Elf Edward Song:
Community Race Flagset:

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