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Discord is a chat and communication app widely used by the gaming community. The Free Enterprise Discord server is the central hub for the Free Enterprise community, where players gather to learn FE, discuss strategy, organize races, and communicate with the developers. Additionally, while efforts are made to keep this wiki as up-to-date as possible, the Discord server is the “bleeding edge” of FE development, where players will first hear announcements and occasionally receive access to open beta releases of upcoming FE features.

The Free Enterprise Discord server is open for all to join, and can be found at .

The Free Enterprise Ladder Discord server is likewise open for all to join, and can be found at .
The Ladder is a way to have 1v1 races of different flagsets where each pair of racers has their own seed, and you do not know your opponent during your race. The ladder tries to pair people of similar known skill against each other, so as you play more, you should play people of approximately your skill level, and the more people who join each race means those pairings are more accurate!

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