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Survivor - Hero Island

Golbez, the resident comedian of Free Enterprise, has lately been binge watching old episodes of the show Survivor and has aspirations of being a reality show host. To further his plans, he has partnered with Whytube, the alternative streaming service that exists for reasons unknown, kidnapped the Twelve Playable Characters (Golbez not included, hosting and playing is not allowed), and marooned them on the remote Hero Island to play his deadly, completely uninsured, and non-refundable games.

Each week, in a sort of tribal council, one of the playable characters left on Hero Island will be selected as the week’s Hero, and someone else – whether on the island or not – will be chosen to be their starting companion. The character(s) voted off Hero Island the previous week will be situated in (sort-of) death-defying situations by Golbez and the Hero will have the objective to rescue them from Golbez’s less than effective traps. Some other characters will be locked behind Golbez’s favorite unfree locations if the Hero is willing to take the effort to free them, but every week at least 1 character – and perhaps as many as 5 – will refuse to ally with the Hero and will be behind the scenes working against the Hero for reasons and in ways left to the viewer’s imagination.

At the end of every weekly episode, one playable character will be voted off Hero island, and will spend the remainder of the game residing on neighboring Zero Island until Golbez needs them for his fun and games. To please the network suits at Whytube, each new weekly episode will also feature a twist in the game from the week before to make it more interesting and challenging, with the hope to drive the viewership into 3 digits.

Who will be the surviving Hero of Free Enterprise?

Club Details

  • Race day and time: Weekly asyncs, running from Sunday evening through Saturday evening. VOD Review at Tuesday 9pm Eastern (biweekly)
  • Organizer: Guerin
  • Streaming: not required
  • Join Command: !joinevent "Survivor Hero Island Season 2 - Golbez's Revenge"
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