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The 99 Percenters

This club attempts to combine three things: 1) Mystery seeds 2) Legacy-style changes from week to week 3) A place for people to learn with less challenging settings

The club is a mystery club with one async race per week. Asyncs will be opened on Monday evenings and closed on Sunday at noon ET. All picks must be in by Sunday at midnight ET. The edited YAML will be posted overnight ahead of the next async opening.

After each week, runners that participated in the async can choose one line already in the YAML and increase or decrease the number by an amount that depends on their finish. First place gets to add 1 to a number, second place adds 2, etc., and anyone finishing 20th or later gets to add 20 to a number. If less that 20 people enter an async the weighting of choices will progress linearly, rounding up or down as appropriate, with first place getting 1 and last place getting 20.

Club Details

  • Race day and time: Weekly asyncs open on Monday evenings
  • Organizer: CommanderLeonhart
  • Streaming: not required
  • Join Command: !joinevent "99 Percenters S4"
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