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Sumomo Championship Racing

Welcome to Sumomo Championship Racing! This is a club dedicated to racing with the Sumomo flagset, which is as follows:

O1:quest_traderat/2:quest_falcon/3:quest_ribbonaltar/random:3,tough_quest,boss/req:5/win:crystal Kmain/summon/moon/nofree Pkey Crelaxed/nofree/distinct:7/start:not_cecil,not_tellah,not_fusoya/j:abilities/nekkie/nodupes/bye/permajoin/hero Twildish Sstandard Bstandard/alt:gauntlet/whichburn Etoggle Gwarp/life/sylph/backrow -kit:freedom -spoon

This is a flagset that centers heavily on three Character flags: Hero, Permajoin and Bye. With a limited character selection the party composition leads to difficult choices. To make up for potential party building issues the treasure settings and shops are fairly friendly.

Club Details

  • Race day and time: Weekly asyncs posted on Fridays
  • Organizer: tallgrant
  • Streaming: not required
  • Join Command: !joinevent "Sumomo Championship Racing S2"
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