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The default win condition for Free Enterprise is to defeat Zeromus, which requires the player to find a path to the moon to reach him, and to locate the Crystal used to unlock his final form. The various O flags are used to add additional/alternate objectives to the game progression.

When playing with objectives, they will be enumerated at the New Game screen. Once the seed has been started, objectives can be viewed in the Track menu.

Free Enterprise technically supports up to 32 concurrent objectives, though it's not possible to reach that number with the current available flags. For a complete list of Custom Objectives go here. That list does not include the Objective Modes listed below.


Objectives may be completed in any order.

The reward for completing objectives is determined by flags, which can be either:

  • Owin:game, which wins the game outright.
  • Owin:crystal, which awards the Crystal.
    • When set, the Crystal cannot be found in the normal key item pool, and may only be earned by completing objectives.

The reward is delivered immediately upon completion of the last outstanding objective.

By default, all objectives must be completed to receive reward. If one of the Oreq:<number> flags is specified, then the reward is delivered after completing the required number of objectives. Further objectives can still be completed but will do nothing.

For racing purposes, a seed's objectives are listed on the pregame menu, to avoid the need for speed-reading in the introduction.

Completing "get character" objectives

Objectives requiring you to get a specific character are completed as soon as you fulfill the conditions required to have them attempt to join the party; you do not need to actually keep the character in your party, and may dismiss them.

Starting characters do not count for “get character” objectives; you must find them out in the world.

Setting objectives

Individual objectives may be selected using the O1:, O2:, etc. flags.

Random objectives may be added using the Orandom: flags. Random objectives are selected from the list of options for custom individual objectives, with the following probability:

  • 20% - get a specific character
  • 20% - defeat a specific boss
  • 60% - complete a specific quest

Setting any of Orandom:boss, Orandom:quest, Orandom:tough_quest, and Orandom:char will limit the selection of random objectives to the objective types specified by those flags. (Eg. specifying Orandom:3,boss will generate 3 random boss hunt objectives.) The relative probability of each type is still affected by the distributions above.

(“Tough” quests are those that require at least one key item to complete, and involve either a difficult boss location, a time-consuming check, or at least one terminal key item. Note that since the Darkness Crystal and underground access unlock quite a few of these checks, the lunar and Feymarch boss location quests are weighted to balance their frequency rate against the other quests. See the full list here)

The randomizer will not select a random objective that is impossible (eg. finding Cecil in a seed without Cecil).

Objective Modes

The Omode: flags refer to special combinations of one or more objectives that may include additional functional changes. They are intended to encapsulate larger variant gameplay concepts, and to offer objectives not normally achievable in a Free Enterprise playthrough. The objective modes available are:

"Classic Forge"

Omode:classicforge - “Classic Forge” is intended to simulate the “Forge the Crystal” variant from previous versions of Free Enterprise.

Classic Forge must be combined with Owin:crystal.

When this mode is set,

  • The objective “bring the Legend Sword and Adamant to Kokkol” is added.
  • You will NOT receive the Excalibur (or any other reward item) from Kokkol.
  • An Excalibur is placed into the pool of key item rewards in place of the Crystal.

"Classic Giant%"

Omode:classicgiant - “Classic Giant” is intended to simulate the “Giant%” variant from previous versions of Free Enterprise.

When this mode is set,

  • The objective “complete the Giant of Bab-il” is added.
  • No character is received at the end of the Giant of Bab-il.


Omode:fiends is a simple mode combining these objectives:

  • Defeat Milon
  • Defeat Milon Z.
  • Defeat Kainazzo
  • Defeat Valvalis
  • Defeat Rubicant
  • Defeat Elements

Dark Matter Hunt

Omode:dkmatter is a treasure hunt variant not found in normal Free Enterprise. When this mode is set,

  • 45 DkMatters are randomly placed in treasure chests throughout the game.
    • “Treasure chests” includes pots, shelves, etc. where hidden treasures are found in FF4.
    • The DkMatters will be placed in chests without monsters.
    • While chests are selected at random with equal weighting, the randomizer attempts to spread them out a little using this algorithm:
      • When selecting a location for the next DkMatter, count how many DkMatters have already been placed in the same “area” (ie. same dungeon/town)1)
      • For each other DkMatter already in the same area, flip a weighted coin (70% heads, 30% tails)
      • If a coin turns up tails, give up and try again with a new chest. (Note that the current chest remains in the possibility pool and can be selected again.)
  • To complete the objective, 30 DkMatters must be brought to Kory (in the telescope room) in Agart.


While the randomizer will avoid selecting random objectives that conflict with other flags, it is possible to specify custom objectives that logically do not work with other flags (eg. O1:char_cecil with Cno:cecil). In some cases, the randomizer will raise an error. In other cases, the randomizer will attempt to make corrections either internally or directly to the flags, as follows:

  • Setting a “use the Pass” objective with no P flags set will force Pkey to be enabled. (See Pass settings.)
  • Setting a “trade the Pink Tail” objective will ensure the Pink Tail appears in the seed. (Normally, flag conditions may sometimes cause the Pink Tail to be omitted.)
  • Setting a “get character” objective will ensure at least one instance of that character appears in the world, in situations like Cmaybe where a character's appearance is not already guaranteed.
The list of areas is identical to the list of treasure areas found here.
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