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Pass settings

In Free Enterprise, the Pass door in the Toroia Cafe is a shortcut directly to Zeromus. The Pass can be found in one of several positions, depending which P flags are specified:

  • With Pshop enabled, one random item shop in the game will sell the Pass.
    • If shops are not randomized, then the Pass will be in its vanilla position, ie. the cafe shop in Toroia.
  • With Pkey enabled, a Pass is included among the key items when the key items are distributed. (See also Key item randomization.)
    • This does not make the Pass count as a key item.
    • If there are not enough positions to include all key items plus this Pass, then an “unnecessary” key item (Spoon or Pink Tail) is removed.
    • If key item positions are not randomized, then this Pass is earned by liberating Baron Castle.
  • With Pchests enabled, three Passes are placed in random untrapped treasure chests.
    • There will not be more than one Pass in the same dungeon/town.1)
    • Two Passes are placed in the underworld, and the third is placed in either the overworld or underworld. (None of the Passes will be placed on the moon.)
  • If none of these flags are enabled, Pnone will be set, and the Pass will be absent from the seed.

Once the Pass is used, the Pass door remains open. You do not need additional Passes to reopen the door.

The Pass can only be sold/discarded when Pshop is enabled.

Note that Cave of Summons and Town of Summons are considered separate areas for this purpose, as are Eblan Cave and Upper Bab-il. The list of areas is identical to the list of treasure areas found here.
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