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Tough Quests

“Tough” quests are those that require at least one key item to complete, and involve either a difficult boss location, a time-consuming check, or at least one terminal key item.

Since the Darkness Crystal and underground access unlock quite a few of these checks, the lunar and Feymarch boss location quests are weighted to balance their frequency rate against the other quests.

Tough quest pool

When objectives are generated with the Orandom:tough_quest flag, they are chosen from a pool of 14-22 quest objectives.

The following quests are always in the tough quest pool:

  • Burn Mist
  • Cure the Fever with the Sandruby
  • Complete Cave Magnes
  • Complete the Tower of Zot
  • Liberate Baron Castle
  • Defeat the Baron Basement Throne
  • Launch the Falcon
  • Trade Away the Rat Tail
  • Trade Away the Pink Tail
  • Return the Pan to Yang's Wife
  • Complete the Sealed Cave
  • Destroy the Super Cannon
  • Have Kokkol Forge the Legend with Adamant
  • Defeat the Giant of Bab-il

Each of these quest objectives has a 60% chance of being in the tough quest pool:

  • Defeat the King of the Feymarch
  • Defeat the Queen of the Feymarch
  • Complete Cave Bahamut
  • Complete the Murasame Altar
  • Complete the Crystal Sword Altar
  • Complete the White Spear Altar
  • Complete the Ribbon Room
  • Complete the Masamune Altar
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