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Track menu

An additional submenu, labelled “Track”, has been added to the main menu screen, providing access to information screens unique to Free Enteprise.

Key item tracker

The “Key Items” subscreen is an in-game tracker, listing all the key items in the seed.

Items displayed in gray have not yet been found. Items in yellow have been found, but not yet used. Items in white have been both found and used. (Exception: the Spoon is never shown in yellow, since its only use is as an offensive weapon.)

Highlighting a key item with cursor will display information about its use, its status (not found/found/used), and information about where it was found.

Once a key item's location has been discovered, that information will persist across the entire game. If you were to reload to an older save before you found the item, or even if you start a new game or change save slots entirely, you would still be able to see that key item's location from the Track menu.

Objectives tracker

When playing with Objectives enabled, this screen will display the objectives you have been assigned, and which ones have been completed.

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