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Below is a list of all the custom objectives that can be set. See Objective Modes for specifics on Objective Modes, and objectives for information on various objective settings.

Character Objectives

Get Cecil
Get Kain
Get Rydia
Get Tellah
Get Edward
Get Rosa
Get Yang
Get Palom
Get Porom
Get Cid
Get Edge
Get FuSoYa

Boss Objectives

Defeat D.Mist
Defeat Officer
Defeat Octomamm
Defeat Antlion
Defeat Waterhag (boss version)
Defeat MomBomb
Defeat the Fabul Gauntlet
Defeat Milon
Defeat Milon Z.
Defeat D.Knight
Defeat the Guards (boss)
Defeat Karate
Defeat Baigan
Defeat Kainazzo
Defeat the Dark Elf (dragon form)
Defeat the Magus Sisters
Defeat Valvalis
Defeat Calbrena
Defeat Golbez
Defeat Dr. Lugae
Defeat the Dark Imps (boss)
Defeat K.Eblan and Q.Eblan
Defeat Rubicant
Defeat EvilWall
Defeat Asura
Defeat Leviatan
Defeat Odin
Defeat Bahamut
Defeat Elements
Defeat CPU
Defeat Pale Dim
Defeat Wyvern
Defeat Plague
Defeat the D.Lunars
Defeat Ogopogo

Quest Objectives

Defeat the boss of the Mist Cave
Defeat the boss of the Waterfall
Complete the Antlion Nest
Rescue the hostage on Mt. Hobs
Defend Fabul
Complete Mt. Ordeals
Defeat the bosses of Baron Inn
Liberate Baron Castle
Complete Cave Magnes
Complete the Tower of Zot
Defeat the bosses of Dwarf Castle
Defeat the boss of Lower Bab-il (Dr Lugae's vanilla location)
Launch the Falcon
Complete the Sealed Cave
Defeat the queen at the Town of Monsters (Asura's vanilla location. Right hand sprite)
Defeat the king at the Town of Monsters (Levitan's vanilla location. Left hand sprite)
Defeat the Baron Castle basement throne
Complete the Giant of Bab-il
Complete Cave Bahamut
Conquer the vanilla Murasame altar (Pale Dim's vanilla location)
Conquer the vanilla Crystal Sword altar (Wyvern's vanilla location)
Conquer the vanilla White Spear altar (Plague's vanilla location
Conquer the vanilla Ribbon room (D. Lunars' vanilla location)
Conquer the vanilla Masamune altar (Ogopogo's vanilla location)
Burn village Mist with the Package
Cure the fever with the SandRuby
Unlock the sewer with the Baron Key
Break the Dark Elf's spell with the TwinHarp
Open the Toroia treasury with the Earth Crystal
Drop the Magma Key into the Agart well
Destroy the Super Cannon
Unlock the Sealed Cave
Raise the Big Whale
Trade away the Rat Tail
Have Kokkol forge Legend Sword with Adamant
Wake Yang with the Pan
Return the Pan to Yang's wife
Trade away the Pink Tail
Unlock the Pass door in Toroia

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