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Kokkol's Forge

Setting -smith:super will make Kokkol the smith forge an FF4Advance-exclusive weapon instead of the Excalibur. This weapon is selected at random from the list of possible weapons, without regard to what characters are available.

Setting -smith:alt will instead make Kokkol forge a random tier 7-8 item.

Chero will override either of these flags, and Kokkol will forge an FF4Advance-exclusive weapon usable by the hero.

Note that, when playing with the Classic Forge objective, you will not receive any reward from Kokkol, and it is still an Excalibur that goes into the reward pool.

Excluding specialty items

Adamant Armor is by far the most powerful armor in the game, and is much more readily available in Free Enterprise than vanilla FF4. Applying -noadamants prevents Adamant Armor from being awarded as treasures, shop goods, or quest rewards. When traded, the Pink Tail will instead yield a random item from tiers 7 or 8 (see item stats tables).

Cursed Rings are powerful equipment for manipulating a character's agility to exploit FF4's agility system. Applying -nocursed will prevent Cursed Rings from appearing anywhere. Enemies that would normally drop Cursed Rings instead drop the next-most-common item in their drop table instead.

Vintage battlefield

A special cosmetic hack of Free Enterprise was created for April Fools day 2019; this mode can be enabled with the -vintage flag.

Push B to Jump

A gameplay hack of Free Enterprise created for April Fools day 2020. It is very unstable. See here for information about known softlocks for the flag


A series of 32 hacks of Free Enterprise created for April Fools day 2021.


Setting the -spoon flag allows Edward to equip the Spoon as an offensive weapon.

Restoring vanilla behaviors

-vanilla:fusoya disables the FuSoYa challenge, letting him start with 1900 HP and his full spell list.

-vanilla:agility ensures that Cecil is the default agility anchor, even if Chero is enabled. If Cecil is not in the party, then the character in the lowest slot will be the agility anchor.

-vanilla:hobs causes Rydia to learn Fire 1 from the cutscene at the front of Hobs, replacing Free Enterprise's default behavior of giving her a random low-to-mid tier summon (any except for Leviatan or Bahamut).

-vanilla:growup restores the summons that Rydia learns from Dwarf Castle to their defaults (Mist, Indra, Jinn, Shiva, Titan)

-vanilla:fashion restores all character sprite palettes to their defaults.

-vanilla:traps disables randomization of trapped chest locations, keeping them in their vanilla locations.

-vanilla:giant disables the ability to leave the Giant of Bab-il through a teleporter at its entrance. If this flag is enabled, the only way to leave the Giant is by defeating the boss at the CPU location.

-vanilla:z will cause the Zeromus sprite not to be randomized.

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