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A listing of all 32 `-Wacky` flag options, with spoilers (April Fools, 2021)


  • At the start of each battle, each party member receives a random status ailment.
    • The possible ailments are: Poison, Blind, Mute, Piggy, Toad, 1/3rd Petrify, 2/3rds Petrify, Berserk, Charm, Float, Curse, Blink (1 or 2), Armor, and Wall.
  • Status ailments are removed at the end of each battle (except Float).
  • Heal potions are unavailable in shops and characters do not learn the Heal spell.

Battle Scars

  • All characters start with 9999 HP.
  • After each battle, max HP decreases to current HP (but will not go lower than 1/4 of the current max HP).

The Bodyguard

  • All characters auto-cover.
  • Cover priority is first living member in party order.
  • Characters will auto-cover regardless of whether the target of the attack is HP-critical.

Enemy Unknown

  • All enemy sprites and names in battle are invisible (except Z).
  • Boss map sprites are all sparkles.

Final Fantasy 4: The Musical

  • All Fight commands are replaced with Sing (except Edward, who just loses Fight).
  • A harp is not required to use Sing.

Fist Fight

  • All characters use Yang's weaponry and damage algorithm.

Forward is the New Back

  • All encounters are changed to back attacks (except for the second boss of Mt. Ordeals).
    • For safety, the Zeromus, Golbez, and Wyvern fights use normal ATB initialization, although they are still back attacks in terms of visuals and formation.
  • All walking sprites are reversed.

Friendly Fire

  • Fire elemental damage always heals.
  • Characters do not learn Cure spells.
  • Fireplaces are healing pots.

The Floor is Made of Lava

  • All floors are damage floors.

Gotta Go Fast

  • Player dash speed is doubled.
  • All NPCs move at maximum speed.
  • All non-invisible NPCs walk, including those normally stationary.
    • NPCs that become visible do not start walking when they become visible (but will start walking if you leave the area and come back, assuming they now default to being visible).

Holy Onomatopoeia, Batman!

  • Damage numbers in battle are replaced with onomatopoeias (eg. “BAM!”)
  • Count status numbers are alternating pairs of “AA” and “!!”.

Imaginary Numbers

  • Characters' current HP and MP in battle are hidden.

Is This Even Randomized?

  • Normal damage calculations in battle are rounded to the nearest value among the following: 100, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000
  • Damage calculations based on max HP/current HP/etc. are unaffected.


  • Weapons and armor are not available in treasures.
  • Weapons and armor in shops are limited to tier 1.
  • Every character has Sneak.
  • Every enemy gives a weapon or armor when stolen from.
    • The items awarded are independent of the normal drop tables.
    • The items awarded are randomized for each seed.
    • Enemies of the same type will award the same item.
    • Item quality is loosely correlated to the enemy's vanilla level.
  • Success rate of Sneak improved.

Men Are Pigs

  • All male characters are permanently Piggy.


  • All spells have the effect of other spells. (eg. Rosa will still start with a “Cure1” that costs 3 MP, but it may in fact be Meteo.)
  • Enemies that use spells will use the equivalent-effect spells, not the same-name spells. (eg. if “Meteo” has the effect of Lit-1, then Milon's counterattacks will be “Meteo” → Lit-1.)

A Much Bigger Magnet

  • Magnetic field effect applies to all battles until TwinHarp breaks the spell.

Mystery Juice

  • All consumable items cost 1000 GP and are randomly assigned generic names (“Milky”, “Juicy”, etc).
  • Juice names are different for each seed.
  • Item description boxes for juices will only display “????”.

Neat Freak

  • There are 23 copies of “Sort” in the inventory.
    • If, due to other flags, the player's starting inventory takes more than 24 slots, only the remaining empty slots will be filled with Sort.

Night Mode

  • Overworld shops are closed (except Baron weapon/armor and Toroia cafe item).
  • “Outdoor” maps in the overworld use a darkened color palette.

Payable Golbez

  • Boss battles may be skipped by bribing the boss with GP.
  • The bribe cost is 5 times the HP of the boss position.


  • All characters are L/R-hand ambidextrous.
  • Characters can equip any weapon and armor.
  • Characters may equip any type of armor in any armor slot.
  • Two-handed weapons are one-handed.

Save Us Big Chocobo!

  • The Save option in the menu is always disabled.
  • Speaking to the Big Chocobo brings up the save screen.
    • Using the Whistle also brings up the save screen.
    • The normal Big Chocobo menu is inaccessible.
  • The player starts with 5 Carrots.
  • Carrots are guaranteed in an ungated shop, and Whistles are guaranteed in a gated shop.

Six Legged Race

  • All characters are in the same row (front or back).
  • Long range glitch is fixed.

The Sky Warriors

  • All party members are permanently floating.
  • All enemies are flying.

Something Worth Fighting For

  • Keeping a discardable treasure triggers a random encounter.
    • For areas with random encounters, this encounter is taken from the area's encounter table.
    • For areas without random encounters, an encounter is taken from a nearby area's table (usually the closest section of the world map, or a surrounding dungeon).
  • You can't run from this encounter.

The Tellah Maneuver

  • Spells use HP instead of MP.
  • A spell's HP cost is 10 times the original MP cost.

Three Point System

  • All characters have 3 MP.
  • All spells cost 1 MP.
  • Ether1 restores 1 MP. Ether2 restores 2 MP. Psych steals 1 MP.

Time is Money

  • Money is generated at the rate of 1 GP per frame.
  • Money is not awarded from battles or selling items.


  • You can't stack more than 1 of any item in an inventory slot.

World Championship of Darts

  • Every character has Dart instead of Fight.
  • Every weapon is throwable.


  • Swooned party members become “zombies” – they get back up with 50% HP, act as though Charmed, and stay that way until swooned again.
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