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FF4 Advance Weapon Stats

The -supersmith or Chero flags can be used to introduce a new weapon to the game, taken from the weapons exclusive to FF4 Advance. Due to technical limitations, only one such item can be introduced in any given seed. This weapon will not appear in chests, shops, or as quest rewards, and sell for 0 GP.

Some weapons have been altered for the needs of Free Enterprise:

  • Weapons that cast spells on attack now instead cast those spells when used as an item.
  • Weapons with names too long to fit in the eight characters allotted have been shortened.
  • Tellah and FuSoYa, who do not have any FF4 Advance-exclusive weaponry, have been granted access to Palom and Porom's Advance weapons, as described below.

The Perseus Arrows are awarded as a stack of 99 instead of just 1.

The possible weapons and their stats are as follows:

NameEquipAttackAccuracyMetallicThrowableLong range
Caliburn Cecil (paladin) 1 99 Y Y N
Also known as “Excalipoor”.
Flan Sword Cecil (paladin) 60 99 Y N N
“Strong” against slimes.
Piggy Stick Cecil (paladin), Kain 150 99 N N N
Inflicts Piggy.
Lightbringer (“Bringer”) Cecil (paladin) 255 99 Y N Y
STR/AGI/VIT+15. Deals holy damage. Casts White when used as an item. Strong vs. spirits and undead.
Abel's Lance Kain 230 85 Y N N
STR/AGI/VIT+15. Deals lightning damage. Casts Weak when used as an item. Strong against flying enemies.
Gigant Axe Cecil (paladin), Kain, Cid 200 75 Y N N
STR+15. Two-handed. Inflicts Poison.
Perseus Bow Rosa 110 85 N N Y
WIL+15. Strong against flying enemies.
Perseus Arrow Rosa 95 0 N N Y
Inflicts Charm. Strong against giants and flying enemies.
Mist Whip Rydia 100 75 N N Y
WIS+15. Deals holy damage. Inflicts Paralyze.
Scrap Metal n/a 4 99 Y Y N
Weak throwing weapon.
Rising Sun (“Sunrise”) Edge 85 95 N N Y
AGI+10. Strong against flying enemies.
Sasuke's Katana Edge 95 99 Y Y N
Mutsunokami (“Mutsuno”) Edge 100 99 Y Y N
STR/WIL+10. Casts Blink when used as an item.
Tiger Fangs Yang 0 90 N N N
AGI/VIT+10. Inflicts Paralyze.
Dragon Claw Yang 0 90 N N N
STR/WIL+10. Deals holy damage. Strong against dragons.
Godhand Yang 0 90 N N N
STR/AGI/VIT+15. Deals holy damage.
Thor's Hammer Cid 190 80 Y N N
STR+15. Two-handed. Deals lightning damage. Casts Blitz. Strong against machines.
Fiery Hammer Cid 241 85 N N N
STR/VIT/WIS/WIL+15. Two-handed. Deals fire damage. Casts Nuke when used as an item. Strong against machines.
Triton's Dagger Palom, FuSoYa 62 90 Y Y N
WIS+15. Casts Flood when used as an item.
Asura's Rod Palom, Tellah 75 75 N N N
WIS/WIL+15. Casts White when used as an item. Deals holy damage.
Seraphim's Mace Porom, FuSoYa 50 70 N N N
WIL+15. Casts Heal when used as an item.
Nirvana Porom, Tellah 80 90 N N N
VIT/WIL+15. Casts Wall when used as an item.
Apollo's Harp Edward 98 80 N N Y
STR/AGI/WIL+15. Two-handed. Deals fire damage. Strong against dragons.
Requiem Harp Edward 130 85 N N Y
STR/AGI/VIT/WIL/WIS-5. Two-handed.
Loki's Lute Edward 150 99 N N Y
STR/AGI/VIT+15. Two-handed. Strong against dragons, machines, reptiles, spirits, giants, mages, and undead.
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