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Speed Modifier

This is an in-battle stat that can be raised or lowered by speed modifying spells, and is used as a modifier for nearly all timers in the game.

The Speed Modifier starts at 16. It cannot go below 12 or above 32.1)

Spell Effect on Speed Modifier
Fast -3
Hermes -8
Slow +8
SilkWeb +16

Applying the Speed Modifier

The Speed Modifier is applied to a timer according to the following formula:

Modified Value = (Original Value * Speed Modifier) / 16

The result is rounded down.

It can be thought of as a fraction over 16 that's used as a multiplier. For example, 16/16 (the default value) multiplies by 1, 32/16 (fully slowed) multiplies by 2, and 12/16 (fully fast) multiplies by 3/4.

How the Speed Modifier is used

Nearly every timer in the game has the Speed Modifier applied to it.


  • If a character is fully slowed, their spells will take twice as long to cast.
  • If a character or monster is fully slowed before getting Walled, the Wall will last twice as long.
  • If an RA2 character has a Speed Modifier below 16, they will effectively be RA1.


  • Count ignores the Speed Modifier.
  • The second part of Kain's jump (once he is in the air) always takes 4 ticks.
If a spell would move it below 12, it is instead set to 12; likewise for going above 32
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