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Racing Clubs

Members of the Free Enterprise community have established some regular race times and flagsets when there is not also a tournament running. The various clubs each focus on a flagset or experience, and between them all give players a wide variety of ways to experience the game.

The races and clubs are all open to everyone to join, and you do not have to join the event (via using the listed Join Command in the #bot-commands channel in the Discord) in order to race in any of the races. Joining the event allows you to earn points in the event itself, so you can compare your performance in the event overall, as well as individual races.

To see past/currently inactive club, visit here.

Sunday Slapdash

The purpose of this weekly event is purely chaos and to give people the option away from the structured Community Races to play the randomiser with no prior knowledge of what they will be doing, to promote ‘on the fly’ decision making and routing. Please do read the rules document before joining to get an idea of the flow of the race, and always remember the first rule of the Slapdash: no talking about the flags until you've finished the race, and keep that discussion to the spoiler channel. Streaming is encouraged for this club, but not required.

Club Details

  • Race day and time: Returns October 31, 2021. Race room opens at 6pm Eastern, race starts at 7pm.
  • Organizer: Poidrac
  • Streaming: Encouraged.
  • Join Command: !joinevent SS2

Pink Puff League

Just starting out in Free Enterprise and looking for others to learn with? Want to play a seed in a fun group setting? Have you ever wanted to get help from someone else on a really rude boss while you’re playing! Well, you’re at the right place! Welcome to the Pink Puff League, a community club specifically designed for new and less-experienced players of Free Enterprise. Come hang out and learn the ins and outs of the randomizer while starting your journey to becoming a Free Enterprise Legend!

Club Details

  • Race day and time: Thursday 8:00pm Eastern. Starts November 11, 2021
  • Organizer: Asuka424
  • Streaming: Highly Encouraged
  • Join Command: !joinevent PPL2

Event links

Enterprise Legacy

Inspired by “Legacy” board games, Enterprise Legacy will feature an evolving flagset. Changes will persist week to week, and consequences of racer’s choices will be felt down the line. Not familiar with “Legacy” games? These are variants of popular board games that add an overarching narrative that spans across multiple play sessions, forming a “Season”. Basically: The game remembers what you’ve done.

Club Details

  • Race day and time: Saturday 8:30pm Eastern. Season 2 preview/reveal stream is on October 25th at 8pm Eastern, and club restart date will be announced then.
  • Organizer: ZoeVermilion
  • Streaming: Required. Enterprise Legacy will be restreamed every week.
  • Join Command:

Event links

Baron's Hero's Journey

The aim of this community club is to create a pseudonarrative traditional single player RPG-like experience, in which the Hero, akin to a protagonist, must face a series of themed objectives, under the conditions of a themed flagset, in order to complete their journey.

These characters will feature specific meta-objectives catered to each flagset and Hero, in order to aid in the pseudonarrative experience that the club is trying to achieve. Some of these are mostly for flavor, but some… well, will change everything. And yes, this was heavily inspired by Legacy! (thanks, Zoe!) First, Second and Third place winners, in that order, that complete the objective will be able to pick the character for next week.

Each week the flagset presented will be a certain difficulty signaled by a rating of stars (from 1 to 10, where 10 is closest to ZZ4). If you see a lower difficulty flagset, or a higher one, go for it!

Club Details

  • Race day and time: Saturday 3:00pm Eastern. Starts November 6, 2021
  • Organizer: Alchemie
  • Join Command: !joinevent "Hero's Journey"

Event Links

Toroian Tango

Find yourself a partner and enjoy these 2v2 async races!

Club Details

  • Race day and time: Async races, approximately every two weeks
  • Organizers: LadyId19, Emily's Poorly Drawn Bees
  • Streaming: not required
  • Join Command: !joinevent "Toroian Tango - Season 2" --team "team name goes here"

Flag History

Season 1

O1:quest_forge/2:quest_tradepink/random:4/req:5/win:crystal Kmain/summon/moon/trap Pkey Cstandard/maybe/j:abilities/nekkie/nodupes Twildish/maxtier:6 Sstandard/no:apples Bstandard/alt:gauntlet Nchars/key Etoggle Gwarp/life/sylph -kit:basic -kit2:trap -spoon -supersmith -exp:noboost -vanilla:traps

Season 2

O1:quest_forge/random:5,gated_quest,boss/req:5/win:crystal Kmain/summon/moon/trap Pkey Crelaxed/maybe/distinct:10/start:any/no:fusoya/j:abilities/nekkie/nodupes/hero Twildish/maxtier:6 Sstandard/sell:quarter/no:apples Bstandard/alt:gauntlet/whichburn Nchars/key Etoggle Gwarp/life/sylph -kit:trap -kit2:better -spoon -vanilla:traps,giant

Event links

Babil Hikers

A take on the Ladder Giant%, but with some trapped chests

Club Details

  • Race day and time: Async races, approximately every week
  • Organizer: Gambit017
  • Streaming: not required
  • Join Command: !joinevent "Babil Hikers"

Flag History

Season 1

Omode:classicgiant/req:all/win:game Kmain/summon/trap Pnone Crelaxed/no:tellah/j:abilities Twild/no:j Scabins/free Bstandard/alt:gauntlet/whichburn Nkey Etoggle/keep:doors/no:jdrops Gwarp/life/sylph -kit:basic -kit2:better -kit3:loaded -noadamants -spoon -supersmith

Event links

Tricker's Trials

A club designed to test your knowledge, skill and endurance, these seeds will be rolled with the lit3novintage preset, which does exactly what you think: It is exactly identical to the lit3 preset with the sole exception that the vintage flag is forced off, because while Tricker loves issuing devilishly difficult demands, they acknowledge the importance of accessibility.

Club Details

  • Race day and time: Async races, approximately every 2 weeks
  • Organizer: Xenocat
  • Streaming: not required
  • Join Command: !joinevent "Tricker's Trials"

Mystery Jumping Club

The Mystery Jumping Club features the Push B To Jump flag, introduced as the April Fool's Day 2020 flag. With the ability to jump right over many obstacles, the Mystery Jumping Club races are usually pretty fast. This iteration of the club (previously Mysidian Jumping Club)

Club Details

  • Races. Async races using the pb2j .yaml file for Tricker.
  • Organizer: Antidale
  • Streaming: not required.
  • Join Command: !joinevent MysteryJumpingClub

Event links

Previously Active Clubs

There are a number of other clubs that have been active, and that might become active once more. See here for more details.

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