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NOTE: As of 4.5.0, the N flag no longer exists, and these flags have been changed to Cnofree, Knofree, and Bnofree, respectively.

"No Free Lunch" Challenges

The “no free lunch” challenges are commonly-used settings that remove some of the freely-accessible resources resulting from the open world nature of Free Enterprise.

Free characters

The characters available in the Watery Pass, Damcyan, Mysidia, and Mt. Ordeals are considered “free” characters since they can be acquired simply by travelling to their locations. The Nchar flag removes these five recruitment positions.

Free key item

Normally, visiting sick Edward in Toroia Castle grants you a free key item (where the TwinHarp is awarded in vanilla FF4). The Nkey flag moves this key item from Edward to Rydia's mother in Mist Village, who does not appear until D. Mist has been defeated. (Note that this refers to the D. Mist boss, not the boss found in the Mist Cave.)

In either case, this is considered an ungated check for item's reward tier

Free bosses

The D.Knight, Waterhag, Karate, and K/Q Eblan fights have scripted alternate win conditions. Enabling Nbosses removes these alternate conditions, meaning these bosses must be defeated outright. Since of Waterhag's scripted fight adds HP to try and emulate the vanilla waterhag fight, Nbosses removes this extra HP, so the Waterhag will have the same HP as a standard single boss in a given location.

Some enemies in boss fights do not have the “boss bit” set (for example, enemies within the Fabul Gauntlet). The boss bit prevents status conditions, instant death effects, etc. from applying, meaning that these weaker enemies can be more easily defeated by these effects. The Nbosses flag also applies the boss bit to all enemies found in boss fights.

Note that due to technical limitations, if playing with the alt gauntlet, the boss bit will not be applied to the enemies in the alt gauntlet battles. (See Boss randomization for more information about the alt gauntlet.)

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