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Metaconfigurations refer to settings used to customize a Free Enterprise seed, but fall outside the realm of flags, either because they modify things outside of the game, or they otherwise do not logically make sense as flags.

When generating a seed with any metaconfiguration enabled, the randomization will be uniquely salted. That is, if you were to rerun the generator again with the exact same settings, you would still end up with a new randomization. The only way to share these seeds is by retaining the link to the patching page.

Hidden flags

When enabled, this metaconfiguration will hide the flags used to generate the seed from the patching site, the pregame menu, the title screen, the spoiler log, and the embedded metadata document. (The binary flag string will still appear during the endgame statistics.)

The seed's objectives and the reward for completing the objectives will still appear on the pregame menu, however the number of required objectives will be hidden.

Speaking to Rosa's mom will always hint about all theoretically possible key item locations, even if the flags would rule some of them out; this is to prevent players from ascertaining the values of the K flags just by speaking to her.

Test settings

A variety of test settings are available in the metaconfigurations. As the name indicates, these are intended to assist in testing and development of FE; the modifications they apply are very direct and do not affect randomization logic. (For example, although the “open” test setting will grant you immediate access to the Big Whale, item placement will still assume that you needed to find the Darkness crystal to access the Big Whale. Conversely, using the test setting to force a boss placement may end up swapping D.Mist into a location that makes progression impossible under Nkey.)

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