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This table lists drops for the vanilla (US) version of Final Fantasy IV. For drops in Free Enterprise, see:

All listed enemies have a ~5% chance (5/99) of dropping an item, with the exception of Horseman (~25%, 25/99) and Gargoyle (100%).

Note: Edge's Steal ability always selects the first (Common) item.

Common (128/256) Uncommon (80/256) Rare (44/256) Very Rare (4/256) Dropped by
Cure1 Cure1 Cure1 Cure2 Sandpede, Pike, Jelly, Cream, Slime, Piranha, HugeCell, Tofu
Heal Heal Heal Tent Sand Man, Turtle, WaterBug
Heal Heal Heal Heal FloatEye, SandMoth, Red Eye, RockMoth
Heal Heal Heal Heal Treant, EvilShel, TrapRose, Cannibal, ElecFish, FangShel, DarkTree
Fire (Arrow) Fire (Arrow) Fire (Arrow) Fire (Arrow) Chimera, FlameDog, Mantcore
Ice (Arrow) Ice (Arrow) Ice (Arrow) Ice (Arrow) Ice Liz, IceBeast
Lit (Arrow) Lit (Arrow) Lit (Arrow) Lit (Arrow) Grudger, Screamer, Machine
Cure1 Cure1 Cure1 Cure1 Dummy
Poison (Arrow) Poison (Arrow) Poison (Arrow) Poison (Arrow) CaveNaga, Hydra, Python, Naga, HugeNaga
Ether1 Ether1 Ether1 Ether1 GlomWing, MoonCell, Pudding
Cure2 Ether1 Ether1 Ether1 Dummy, Gremlin, Fiend
Silver (Shield) Silver (Wrench) Cure2 Cure3 Armadilo, Tortoise, Carapace, Ironback
Cure1 Cure1 Cure1 Cure1 Basilisk, SwordRat, Needler, StingRat
Heal Heal Heal Heal CaveToad, Mad Toad, TinyToad, Dummy
Cure2 Cure3 Elixir Glass (Helmet) EvilMask
Cure1 Cure2 Cure2 Cure2 Larva, Cave Bat, RocLarva, GiantBat, Crawler, Were Bat
Cure1 Cure2 Heal Heal SandWorm, AquaWorm
Leather (Helmet) Cure2 Cabin Cabin Raven, Roc
Cap (Helmet) Leather (Shirt) Cure2 Cure2 Aligator, Crocdile
Cure1 Cure1 Cure1 Cursed (Ring) D.Bone, D.Fossil
Tent Cabin Cabin Cabin SwordMan, Centaur, Warrior, EpeeGirl, BladeMan, Horseman
Charm (Harp) RubyRing (Ring) Charm (Arrow) Charm (Arrow) Lamia, Q.Lamia
Flame (Spear) Fire (Sword) Fire (Shield) Fire (Armor) FlameMan
Tent Tent Tent Tent Beamer
Cabin Ogre (Axe) Poison (Axe) RuneAxe (Axe) MacGiant, RedGiant
Cure2 Cure2 Cure2 Cure2 Juclyote, Procyote
Ether1 Ether1 Ether1 Ether1 Red Worm
Cure2 Cure3 Medusa (Arrow) Medusa (Arrow) Stoneman
Silver (Knife) Silver (Shield) Silver (Armor) Silver (Sword) Ironman
Heal Samurai (Arrow) Samurai (Arrow) Samurai (Arrow) Molbol
Cure2 Headband (Helmet) Strength (Ring) Zeus (Gauntlet) Ogre, Mad Ogre
Cure1 Cure1 Cure1 Cure1 Puppet, EvilDoll
Cure (Staff) Rune (Ring) Silence (Staff) Silence (Staff) Marion, Sorcerer, Conjurer
Cure1 Cure1 Cure1 Cure1 Ging-Ryu
Cure1 Cure1 Cure1 Cure1 King-Ryu
Cure1 Cure1 Cure1 Cure1 D.Machin, Clapper
Rod (Rod) Silver (Ring) Ether1 Ether2 TinyMage, Witch
Ether1 Ether1 Ether1 Lilith (Rod) Lilith
Ether2 Elixir Ninja (Shuriken) Pink PinkPuff
Artemis (Arrow) Artemis (Arrow) Heroine (Shirt) Artemis (Bow) Kary
Earth (Wrench) Zeus (Gauntlet) Zeus (Gauntlet) Zeus (Gauntlet) Staleman
Ether1 Ether2 Elixir Protect (Ring) FatalEye
Cure2 Shuriken Dragon (Whip) Dragoon (Spear) Blue D.
FireBomb Dragoon (Gauntlet) Dragoon (Spear) Crystal (Ring) Red D.
Headband (Helmet) Strength (Ring) Power (Shirt) Avenger (Sword) Behemoth
Heal Ether2 Life Ribbon (Helmet) ToadLady, Warlock
Heal Heal Heal Heal Green D., Yellow D
Cure2 Cure2 Cure2 Cure2 VampGirl, VampLady
Cure1 Cure1 Cure1 Cursed (Ring) Spirit, Hooligan, Soul, Ghost
Cure1 Cure1 Cure1 Cure1 Last Arm, Alert, Searcher
Cure1 Cure1 Cure2 Cure2 Arachne, Talantla, Centpede
Cure2 Cure2 CatClaw (Claw) CatClaw (Claw) Panther, BlackCat
Medusa (Arrow) Medusa (Arrow) Medusa (Arrow) Medusa (Sword) BlackLiz, Medusa, Gorgon
Cure1 Tent Cure2 Imp Imp, Tricker, Egg
Life Life Life Life Eagle, Cocktric, Roc Baby
Cure1 Cure1 Cure1 Bomb Balloon, Grenade
Cure2 Cure2 Cure2 Mage Mage
Tower Tower Tower Tower Dr.Lugae
Life Life Life Life Dummy
Elixir Elixir Elixir Elixir Zeromus
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