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Base Damage Extended

Base Damage
One Weapon level / 4 + strength / 4 + Weapon Attack
Two Weapons (level / 4 + strength / 4)*2 + sum(Weapon Attack)
No Weapon level / 4 + strength / 4
Yang level * 2 + strength / 4 + 2
Bows (Arrow Primary Hand) Bow's Attack Power/2 + Arrow's Attack Power + Str/4
Bows (Bow Primary Hand) 4/5ths the above total

Note that having only a bow or an arrow, but not both equipped will be a weapon with only 1 attack power.

Modifiers Table


Critical hits are one of the most common attack modifiers. When a character lands a critical hit, they get a bonus to their attack power depending on the character and type of weapon equipped. Critical hits are indicated visually by a screen flash, except for Jump, which gives no such indication. Note that this screen flash can be disabled in FE.

Crit rates

Crit Rates (%)
Dark Knight Kain Rydia Tellah Edward Rosa Yang Palom Porom Paladin Cid Edge Fu
2 2 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 3 5 8 0

Doubled if one weapon equipped, tripled if bow and arrow.
Note that in vanilla, certain cutscenes disable crits, this is not present in FE (except in the Ordeals Mirror Room when Chero is enabled). However, starting a battle with a character dead will remove their ability to crit for the rest of the game.
As well, there is a weapon property that was thought to cause no crits, however, this is just a rumor, Weapons do not remove your ability to crit in vanilla or FE.

Crit bonus table
Each character gets a set bonus to their attack power on a crit, as well as a bonus depending on their equipment, summarized in the table below.

Crit Bonus
Dark Knight Kain Rydia Tellah Edward Rosa Yang Palom Porom Paladin Cid Edge Fu
20 20 40 30 30 60 50 30 30 30 35 25 0
Bows and Arrows Arrow Attack Power
One Weapon Weapon Attack Power/2
Two weapons or no weapons No Bonus

This is the final modification to the damage formula, before defense is subtracted.
Ex. Rosa with bows and charm arrows has a 6% chance to crit, which will increase base damage by 60 (base)+ 40 (arrow), or 100 extra damage per hit.

Other Modifiers

Damage Modifiers
Actor Berserked Attack * 3/2
Jump/Power Attack * 2
Actor Cursed Attack / 2
Actor is toad/mini Attack = 1
Target is toad/mini Attack * 2
Race Weakness Attack * 4
Race Resistance Attack / 2
Elemental Weakness Attack * 2
Elemental Weakness + Attack * 4
Elemental Resistance Attack / 2
Elemental Immunity Attack = 0
Accuracy Modifiers
Actor has Darkness Accuracy / 2
Actor backrow and not longrange Accuracy / 2
Target backrow and not longrange Accuracy / 2
Actor Slot 0 Accuracy * 5/4
Defense Modifiers
Target Back Row Defense * 2
Target cursed Defense / 2
Target Defending Defense * 2
Target “Charging” (Yang's Power ability) Defense / 2
Target is toad/mini Defense = 0
Evade Modifiers
Target has Darkness Evade / 2
Target in slot 0 Evade * 5/4

Can only hit 1 elemental weakness at at time.
Physicals hit weaknesses then resistances, spells hit resistances/absorbs, then weaknesses. IE rubi is weak and absorbs ice, weapons deal extra damage, spells get absorbed.

Note about damage per hit

While attack damage is generally described as being Attack Power multiplied by a random number between 1 and 1.5, it is actually calculated as follows:

  1. Divide the Attack Power by 2. If the result is greater than 255, set it to 255
  2. Get a random number between 0 and this value
  3. Add that number to the original (full) Attack Power

Because of this, the highest possible final result will be the original Attack Power + 255.

Note that this only comes into play when Attack Power is above 510 (255*2). In vanilla FF4, this may be most noticeable with Zeromus' Meteo, which can only deal between 800 and 1055 damage, instead of capping at the expected 1200. In the randomizer, it is most relevant with Kainazzo's Wave in certain boss locations with high HP.

NOTE: This random value applies to most forms of both physical and magical damage. It is applied after any bonuses from Berserk, Jump, etc. and bonuses due to a target having Mini or Toad status, but before any elemental and racial damage bonuses, before the target's defense is applied, and before the number of hits is applied.

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