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Encounter Settings

The E flags are used to adjust various behaviors relating to random encounters, described here.

Encounter toggle

The most popular E flag is Etoggle, which allows random encounters to be turned on and off from the Custom menu. Disabling encounters this way also disables the forced Behemoth fights in Cave Bahamut, as well as the TrapDoor fights in the Sealed Cave (unless other flags restore them; see below).

Encounter reduction

Ereduce keeps random encounters, but reduces the rate of their occurrence by approximately 50%. (Specifically: the random encounter check is of the form “if (random number) < threshold”, and this flag doubles the random number before performing the comparison.)

When set, the randomizer will also predetermine 60% of the TrapDoors in the Sealed Cave to have their fights bypassed, and each forced Behemoth fight in Cave Bahamut has a 50% chance of being disabled. (These choices are made when the seed is generated; that is, reloading and retrying the same TrapDoor will always have the same result as before.) These behaviors can also be disabled with additional flags; see below.

No encounters

When Enoencounters is set, all random encounters are disabled and cannot be re-enabled. The forced Behemoth fights in Cave Bahamut and the TrapDoors in the Sealed Cave are also removed (unless enabled with additional flags; see below).

Keeping Behemoth and TrapDoor fights

When using Etoggle, Ereduce, or Enoencounters, the forced Behemoth fights in Cave Bahamut and the TrapDoor fights in the Sealed Cave are also affected (as described in the sections above). Setting Ekeep:behemoths will instead preserve all forced Behemoth fights as normal, and likewise Ekeep:doors will preserve all TrapDoor fights.

Dangerous encounters

The Edanger flag will still allow back attack and “Surprised!” random encounters to occur, even when encounters are disabled by Etoggle or Enoencounters.

Note that while the calculation of whether an encounter is back attack or surprise is the same as usual, the calculation is done earlier, while still on the map screen, using a separate RNG counter.

Drop/sneak tables

By default, Free Enterprise uses the item drop tables from the Japanese version of FF4, with some caveats:

  • Enemies that would drop the Imp, Mage, Cockatrice or Bomb summon orbs no longer do so, since those items have been removed; they drop the rare item in their respective drop tables instead.
  • PinkPuffs directly drop Adamant Armors in place of Pink Tails.
  • BlackLiz, Medusa and Gorgon no longer drop the Medusa Sword (which was removed due to softlock concerns); they drop Medusa arrows in their place.

US version drop tables can be used instead by applying the Eno:jdrops flag.

Sirens can be removed from enemy drop tables using Eno:sirens; enemies that drop Sirens as a rare or mythic rare drop will instead deliver their corresponding mythic/rare drop. Enemies that only drop Sirens will instead drop Cure1 potions (as in the US release).


Applying the Ecantrun flag prevents you from being able to run from any battle.

Random encounter EXP

Applying the Enoexp flag prevents you from gaining any EXP during random encounters. Similarly, the forced Behemoth fights and TrapDoops will also grant no EXP. Boss fights and trapped chest battles deliver EXP as normal.

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