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Cosmetic Changes

This page describes changes that are purely visual/audio cosmetic and do not impact core gameplay.

Harp song

The song that Edward plays during the TwinHarp cutscene is random. This song will still sound even if music is disabled (see Custom menu additions).

The list of possible harp songs is intentionally kept private to keep things a surprise. As of version 4.5.0, the pool contains 403 possible songs.

After the game has been completed, you may also trigger the harp music from Edward's harp in his Toroia Castle hospital room.

While using an emulator that accepts cheat codes, you can enter 0195FF12 (Action Replay) or F4BE-07A9 (Game Genie) as a code to have the seed's harp song play on the load game screen.

Zeromus sprite

As an additional endgame surprise, Free Enterprise replaces Zeromus' battle sprite with a random other sprite. The list of possibilities is intentionally kept secret, but as of version 4.5.0 there are 557 possibilities.

The sprite does not affect anything about Zeromus' battle stats or behavior; the change is only cosmetic. Note that large sprites can introduce additional lag to this battle.

If you wish to preserve the original Zeromus sprite, apply the -vanilla:z flag.

Battle sprite palettes

Free Enterprise features a wide variety of alternate character battle palettes designed by SchalaKitty, to help differentiate duplicate characters, and to be fabulous.

As of version 4.5.0, there are 12 alternate palettes per character (not including their vanilla colors). The randomizer will attempt to assign a unique palette to each instance of the same character, if possible. (There will be overlaps if a character appears more than 13 times.)

Palettes are assigned randomly, in order to prevent being able to predict how many of a character may be present by looking at their palette.

Characters that transform will always keep their corresponding palette. That is, a dark knight Cecil with alt palette #4 will always become a paladin Cecil with alt palette #4, and likewise for child/adult Rydia.

The -vanilla:fashion flag can be used to force all characters to use their vanilla palettes.

Music and flash effects

Background music and flashing visual effects can be toggled; see Custom menu additions for more information.

Hall of Fame

An in-game record of past Free Enterprise tournament champions can be accessed by speaking to the Mysidian Elder.

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