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Choose Your Own Ordeals

This is the club for those not content with sitting on their laurels and letting Tricker decide their fate! Join us in this exclusive flag draft format, where you can pick the flags that you and your compatriots/cohorts/competitors will be racing! Using, you will partake in a draft prior to each async race that is opened.


The base flagset will be the following: Owin:crystal Kmain Pkey Cstandard Tstandard Sstandard Bstandard Etoggle Gbackrow Oreq:all Orandom:1 Gsylph Glife Cnofree

Club Details

  • Race day and time: Draft on Fridays at 8pm Eastern (tentative); weekly async opened afterwards
  • Organizer: FieryBlizzard (S2); Galeswift (S1)
  • Streaming: not required
  • Join Command: !joinevent "Choose Your Own Ordeals - Redux"
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