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Character randomization

You receive two party members at the start of the game. Additional party members can be recruited from:

  • Bringing the Package to burn down village Mist, then completing the boss battle in Kaipo Inn
  • Near the entrance of the Watery Pass (*)
  • The top of Damcyan (*)
  • Using the SandRuby to cure the desert fever in Kaipo
  • The summit of Mt. Hobs
  • Speaking to the Mysidian Elder (two characters) (*)
  • Midway up Mt. Ordeals (*)
  • Defeating the Baron Inn bosses
  • Liberating Baron Castle
  • Trading the Earth Crystal in the Tower of Zot (two characters)
  • During the Dwarf Castle boss battles
  • The end of Cave Eblan
  • The Lunar Palace
  • Completing the Giant of Bab-il

Character positions indicated with a (*) above are considered “free” and are not available when playing with No Free Characters.

The various C flags are used to randomize which specific characters appear in which positions. There are several ways to customize the randomization, which may sometimes conflict; if the randomizer is unable to find a solution that matches all the requirements after a certain number of attempts, it will settle for the solution that is “close enough”.

Character pool

When assigning random characters, selections are made from a list of eligible characters. By default, this list is all 12 possibilities (Cecil, Kain, Rydia, Tellah, Edward, Rosa, Yang, Palom, Porom, Cid, Edge, and FuSoYa). Characters can be excluded from eligibility using the Cno: or Conly: flags.

When using Cdistinct: flags, characters will be randomly removed from the eligibility list until it only contains as many distinct characters as requested.

The randomizer then decides how many instances of each character will be available by making random selections from the eligible list. It will attempt to include at least one instance of each character, unless Cmaybe is set.

Starting character

The starting character can be forced using a Cstart: flag.

If the forced starting character is excluded from the eligibility list as described above, then you will start with this character, but not find any instances of them elsewhere in the game.

A forced starting character does count towards the distinct character count when using a Cdistinct: flag. (Eg. if you have Cstart:rosa/distinct:5, then there will be five distinct characters in the seed, one of which is Rosa.)

If playing Cvanilla (ie. without randomized characters), using Cstart: will simply replace Cecil.


Under the standard character randomization (Cstandard), the randomizer will attempt to prevent Edge and FuSoYa (the strongest early-game characters) from appearing in the following positions:

  • Either starting character
  • Any of the “free” slots (see above)
  • Mt. Hobs
  • Baron Inn

Under Crelaxed, there are no restrictions about which character can appear in which positions.

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