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Current Tournament

Lali-ho League

  • Swiss Stage Flags: O1:quest_forge/2:quest_tradepink/3:quest_magnes/random:2,boss,char/req:4/win:crystal Kmain/summon/moon Pkey Cstandard/distinct:10/j:abilities/nekkie/bye Twildish/maxtier:6 Sstandard/sell:quarter Bstandard/alt:gauntlet Nchars/key Etoggle Glife/sylph -kit:basic -kit2:dwarf -noadamants -spoon -exp:noboost -vanilla:giant
  • Bracket Stage Flags: Omode:classicforge/1:quest_tradepink/2:quest_magnes/random:2,boss,char/req:4/win:crystal Kmain/summon/moon Pkey Cstandard/distinct:10/j:abilities/nekkie/nodupes/bye Tpro/maxtier:6 Sstandard/sell:0 Bstandard/alt:gauntlet Nchars/key Etoggle Glife/sylph -kit:freedom -kit2:grabbag -kit3:money -noadamants -exp:noboost -vanilla:giant

Past Tournaments

Highway To The Threemus Zone (August 3, 2020 to November 22, 2020)

  • Winner: Dustygriff
  • Runner up: Fleury14
  • Group Stage Flags: O1:quest_forge/random:3,quest/req:3/win:crystal Kmain/summon/moon Pkey Crelaxed/maybe/no:fusoya/j:abilities/bye Twildish/sparse:60 Sstandard Bstandard/alt:gauntlet Nkey Etoggle/cantrun Gwarp/life/sylph -kit:basic -noadamants -spoon -vanilla:agility
  • Table Stage Flags: O1:quest_forge/random:3,quest/req:3/win:crystal Kmain/summon/moon Pkey Cstandard/maybe/no:fusoya/j:abilities/permajoin Tpro/sparse:60 Spro Bstandard/alt:gauntlet Nkey Etoggle/cantrun/no:sirens Glife/sylph -kit:basic -noadamants -vanilla:agility

Fabul Gauntlet - a 1v1 Swiss tournament (February 10 - April 19, 2020)

Highway 2 the Zemus Zone (2019)

  • Winner: Penginu8r
  • Runner Up: Invenerable
  • Flagset: V1 Jia Kqm Pk Cnx -hobs T3gr S2 B F Nck Gl Etf Xsbk -noadamants -aa -fab -huh -z
  • Current closest flagset: Omode:classicforge/win:crystal Kmain/summon/moon Pkey Cstandard/maybe/j:abilities/bye Tstandard Sstandard Bstandard Nchars/key Etoggle/no:jdrops Glife/sylph -noadamants

Hummingway Open (2019)

2v2 Twinvitational

World Series of Free Enterprise (2019)

Highway to the Zemus Zone (2018)

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