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How to Participate


Upcoming Community Races

Date Time Nickname Flags Channel
Nov 8 201910pm ETGive Me Half The WorldOmode:classicforge/1:boss_darkelf/2:boss_elements/3:boss_lugae/win:crystal Kmain/summon/moon Pkey Crelaxed/distinct:6/j:abilities Twildish/sparse:50 Sstandard/quarter Bstandard/alt:gauntlet/whyburn Nchars Etoggle Gmp/warp/life -kit:minimal -spoon

Past Community Races

Date Time Nickname Flags VOD
Nov 1 201910pm ETFREE DRK MATTERS… I mean candy… (4.0b)Omode:dkmatter/win:game Kmain/trap Pnone Crelaxed/maybe/j:abilities/nodupes Twild Scabins/free Bstandard/alt:gauntlet/whichburn Nchars/key Etoggle Glife -kit:basic -spoonTODO
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