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Free Enterprise Changelog

v4.0.1 (April 1 2020)

  • Fixed build break when combining -vintage with -vanilla:z.
  • Fixed erroneous calculation of tier 7 item probability in Twildish.
  • Fixed Pkey being forced on when setting a quest_pass objective even when other Pass flags are enabled.
  • Under-the-hood changes to binary flag encoding; please be alert for odd behavior with flag strings.
  • Added the April Fools 2020 flag.

v4.0.0 (January 2 2020)

  • Changed version number formats.
  • Moved most documentation to the Free Enterprise Wiki.
  • Overhauled flag system. Summary of major changes for previous users:
    • The old J flag is removed, its functionality reconfigured as follows:
      • J-items are enabled by default; their availability is controlled now by Sno:j and Tno:j
      • J-spells and J-abilities are now controlled by Cj:spells and Cj:abilities
    • The following behaviors are now enabled by default:
      • Character rescue (disable with Cbye)
      • Treasure junk → GP conversion (disable with Tjunk)
      • Fusoya challenge (disable with -vanilla:fusoya)
      • Old Ef flag (disable with Ekeep:doors and Ekeep:behemoths)
      • All experience boosts (disable with -vanilla:exp)
      • Agility agnostic (disable with -vanilla:agility)
      • Random Hobs spell (disable with -vanilla:hobs)
      • Trapped chest relocation (disable with -vanilla:traps)
      • Fab palettes (disable with -vanilla:fashion)
      • Random Z sprite (disable with -vanilla:z)
      • Random Package sprite (can't disable)
  • Added the Objectives system, which replaces and greatly extends the old Variants.
  • Added the new Dark Matter Hunt mode (accessed within the objectives system).
  • Overhauled treasure randomizations.
    • Tstandard roughly corresponds to old T3.
    • Twild corresponds to old T4.
    • Tpro roughly corresponds to old T2, but features entirely new weightings.
    • Twildish is a new level, using the weightings of Tpro but weighted towards better items.
  • Overhauled shop randomizations.
    • Sstandard roughly corresponds to old S2.
    • Spro is a more challenging randomization than Sstandard.
    • Swild roughly corresponds to old S4.
  • Added Conly: flags as a more concise alternative to Cno: flags when limiting the character pool.
  • Expanded the Cdistinct: flags to allow more control over the number of distinct characters available.
  • Added Cpermajoin, a challenge mode where you cannot dismiss characters.
  • Added Cpermadeath and Cpermadeader permadeath modes.
  • The extra-extra low-level EXP boost for party members 10 levels below median has been removed; party members 5 levels below median receive the same boost as before.
  • Added optional spoiler logs.
  • Added Balt:gauntlet, which replaces the Fabul Gauntlet boss battles with five normal encounters from the nearby area.
  • Added Tsparse: flags, which reduce the number of treasures available in the world.
  • Empty treasure chests now begin pre-opened, and do not count towards endgame stats.
  • Added starter kits, which allow you begin the game with some extra items.
  • Fixed drop table edits, which apparently were never working right before this. Oops.
  • Enemies use J-version drop tables by default. Added Eno:jdrops that allows them to switch back to US version drop tables.
  • Added Eno:sirens, which makes Sirens undroppable/unstealable from enemies.
  • Updated NPC dialogue to reflect other changes.
  • Additional character palettes.
  • Additional Z sprites.

v0.3.8 (June 3 2019)

  • Fixed Adamant Armor being a possible Pink Tail trade under -noadamants.

v0.3.7 (May 14 2019)

  • Added an in-game key item tracker, accessed from the menu screen.
  • Speaking to Rosa's Mom in Baron will now tell you what potential key item locations you have not yet checked. This is to assist players who've gotten stuck and aren't sure which places are left to check.
  • Added the Ed flag, which allows back attack and “Surprised!” encounters to still occur even if normal encounters are disabled by Et or Ex.
  • Added ThorRage to the set of overworld shop item guarantees.
  • Changed Edward's hiding behavior to avoid softlocks:
    • If Edward is berserked and hidden at the same time, he will automatically show himself.
    • If Edward auto-hides due to low health, and then you manually choose to “Show” him, he will not auto-hide again until he has been healed and re-weakened.
  • Fixed a bug where the first step out of a landed vehicle would not be at dashing speed.
  • Fixed the “Mist Clip” bug which could cause map desync when using Tents, Sirens, etc. from the menu screen while standing between tiles.
  • Fixed item description errors on ElvenBow and Exit.
  • Fixed an issue where some songs (eg. black chocobo) could still play when music is disabled.
  • Fixed Adult Rydia being able to cast white magic while charmed.

v0.3.6 (April 8 2019)

  • Fixed an issue where chests in Tg Sq could end up with 0 GP, resulting in a “Locked” message.
  • Fixed various cosmetic bugs relating to item description windows.
  • Fixed various cosmetic bugs in -vintage.

v0.3.5 (April 5 2019)

  • Added detailed item description windows. These windows can be toggled by pushing Select on the inventory menu, equip screen, shops, and the treasure menu.
  • Added the Sq flag, which makes items sell for 1/4 purchase price instead of the usual 1/2.
  • Rewrote implementation of the in-game mute setting after the previous version was found to have some lag issues. Testing from the new implementation shows a lag difference of around 1 frame every 6 minutes, or 1 second every 6 hours (in favor of muting).
  • Corrected an oversight where the sell menu and the treasure menu did not have accelerated scrolling like the inventory and equip menus do.
  • When playing with MSU-1 custom soundtracks, the game now falls back to playing the original in-game track if the corresponding MSU-1 track is missing.
  • Added -vintage, which enables the April Fools Day 2019 special mode.

v0.3.4 (March 18 2019)

  • Removed the -mute flag; in-game music can now be toggled in all seeds from the Custom menu.
    • Disabling music does not reduce the amount of lag experienced when loading songs, so players with music disabled should not see any advantage over other players in race settings.
    • MSU-1 custom soundtrack support that was previously exclusive to -mute is now available on all seeds.
  • “Flashing” visual effects can now be toggled from the Custom menu for players with photosensitivity concerns.
    • Note that this does remove the flashes from Zeromus' death animation, so racers using this option will want to listen for the sound cue.
  • Added four more -fab palettes for each character.
  • Wyvern in the Milon Z. back attack position no longer delays its first turn when -whichburn is enabled.

v0.3.3 (February 17 2019)

  • Changed -whichburn so that Explode doesn't target the full party (which can cause instant wipes in high level boss positions).
  • Added support for MSU1 custom soundtrack mods when the -mute flag is enabled. See the [integrations page](/integrations) for more information.
  • Fixed swooned Fusoyas gaining HP in the Fusoya Challenge.
  • Fixed the bug causing occasional garbled character graphics in the dismiss character screen.
  • Blanked the background behind dialog boxes to fix the colors of item icons inside them.
  • Visual tweaks to the pre-game menu screen.
  • Fixed two lines of NPC dialogue referring to old format flags.

v0.3.2 (January 15 2019)

  • Added Odin, Sylph, and Asura to the T3 treasure pool.
  • Fixed C5 adding extra copies of a character that has been -started and -noed
  • Added the AGDQ donation incentive Z sprites and harp songs to the random pool.

v0.3.1 (January 8 2019)

  • Fixed Et and Ex still applying to forced battles even with Ef disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where DkMatter still appeared in chests in T3.
  • Fixed some incorrect boss map sprite palettes when B is off.
  • Made the Yang fight in non-B seeds consistent in behavior with B seeds. (This was also causing 100% non-B seeds to only report 33/34 bosses defeated.)
  • Fixed an issue where Life potions could instantly kill non-boss enemies with Gl off (whoops).

v0.3.0 (December 24 2018)

  • The flag system has been entirely revamped; most previous functionality is still available in the new format, or closely approximated. Many previous functions have been divided into subflags that can be individually toggled; examine the seed generation page thoroughly for more details.
    • Note that the meaning of the G flag has been inverted, and now indicates the major glitches that are _allowed_ rather than restricted.
  • The Pass no longer counts as a key item for the Xk key item experience bonus or endgame stats, due to complexity in the combinations of P flags now available.
  • Duplicate characters are supported, and enabled by default. The -nodupes flag restores the original FE functionality (ie. when receiving a duplicate character, nothing happens).
  • Added the -rescue flag, which allows dismissed characters to be retrieved from the Mysidian crystal room and the Tower of Wishes.
  • Added various flags to customize the random character pool:
    • Cn removes the guarantee that all non-excluded characters can be found somewhere in the world.
    • -startcecil (and similar for other characters) allow you to select the character you start with.
    • -nocecil (and similar for other characters) exclude characters from the randomized pool. (Combining -start and -no with the same character will start you with that character without encountering any more of them in the world.)
  • The Custom menu can be accessed before starting a new game, allowing customization before beginning a race. The Y (turbo) flag has been removed since it is now redundant.
  • Characters can be renamed before starting the game. There is also an option to enable “name distinguishers”, which uniquely modifies the name of each character that joins the party, to help distinguish duplicates.
  • Added -hobs, which replaces the Fire1 spell learned by Rydia at Mt. Hobs with a random summon spell, excluding Leviatan and Bahamut.
  • Randomizing locations of trapped chests is now controlled by a flag, Tr.
  • Added Sx, which makes the original behavior of S5 available (all shops are empty).
  • Added -noapples, which prevents AgApples, AuApples and SomaDrops from appearing in shops.
  • Added -nosirens, which prevents Sirens from appearing in shops.
  • Removed the old F1 challenge; F2 has become the standalone F flag.
  • The Life glitch is now disabled, and can be enabled with Gl.
  • The 64-floor glitch can be enabled with G64.
  • Added Ec, which prevents running from encounters.
  • Added Xx, which prevents non-boss encounters from granting EXP.
  • Added -noadamants, which excludes Adamant Armors from the game.
  • Added -aa, which disables the special logic that sets Cecil as the agility anchor, instead defaulting to the first occupied party slot in all situations.
  • Added -mute, which disables music playback but leaves sound effects intact. (The TwinHarp song will still play.)
  • Added -spoon, which allows Edward to equip the Spoon.
  • Added -fab, which randomizes the palettes of your party's battle sprites (palettes brilliantly designed by SchalaKitty).
  • Added -huh, which replaces the bombs that emerge from the Package with a random FF4 sprite.
  • Removed Dark Matter from treasure chests.
  • The TwinHarp event now spawns a harp NPC that displays information about the song as well as allowing the song to be replayed.
  • The character dismiss screen now displays the highlighted character's level/HP/MP to help disambiguate duplicate characters.
  • Changed non-K seeds so that the Legend Sword comes from Ordeals rather than with Paladin Cecil, since he is not guaranteed to appear.
  • You will now keep the Legend Sword if you attempt to dismiss a character equipped with it.
  • Changed the Golbez sprite in Zot to match the sprite of the boss in Golbez's position in the Dwarf Castle.
  • Fixed an issue where Valvalis (or other transforming bosses) in the MilonZ slot would cause cursor targeting errors.
  • Fixed an issue where Rubicant's replacement boss can appear with an incorrect palette in the Lugae room.
  • Fixed the incorrect text box at the end of the Fusoya challenge in V2.
  • Fixed a bug where an additional Legend Sword could appear in a trapped chest in either Eblan or lower Bab-il.
  • Fixed a bug where the soldier appears blocking the path back into Upper Bab-il after drilling up from the underworld.
  • Altered the list of items which convert to GP under the Tg flag based on riversmccown's recommendations.
  • Increased the max length of Zeromus sprite names to 10 characters.
  • Increased the max length of seed strings to 10 characters.

v0.2.14 (November 11 2018)

  • G flag: patched out the item duplication glitch from the post-battle item menu.

v0.2.13 (August 26 2018)

  • Attempting the 64-floor glitch will now result in a softlock.
  • Updated the site URL in the training room to

v0.2.12 (August 6 2018)

  • When combining P1 with K2+, the Pass will never replace a key item. (P1 with K1 will still cause Adamant, Spoon, Legend Sword or Pink Tail to be replaced due to lack of available slots.)
  • When combining S2 with C3, Cure2 potions are guaranteed available in a “non-gated” shop, and Cure3 potions are guaranteed available in a “gated” shop. (“Gated” means you need at least one key item to reach it).
  • Added Valvalis to the list of bosses that cannot gate underworld progress in B1.
  • Fixed an obscure case where B1's boss safety checks would fail: in N1+ it was possible for DMist to gate the underworld progression item in the Baron Inn Guards' slot while one of the “mean” bosses was in the unskippable Yang boss slot immediately after.
  • Removed the Pirates of the Caribbean harp song since it was causing YouTube DMCA takedowns.
  • In W2, if Wyvern opens with Fission, it no longer targets the full party.

v0.2.11 (July 16 2018)

  • Thanks to the amazing work of SchalaKitty, there are 183 new Z sprites!
  • Added the W2 flag, which replaces Wyvern's opening MegaNuke with a different random command. (Usually what you get is better than MegaNuke. Usually.)
  • Fixed a bug where at B1 a rough boss could still gate underworld access if it appeared in the Baron Inn guards position.
  • Fixed cases where D.Mist can prevent 100% key item completion in Giant%.
  • When Wyvern appears at the Milon Z position with the W flag off, it now passes two turns before its opening MegaNuke.

v0.2.10 (June 14 2018)

  • Removed the hinting system; alternate systems are under consideration for the future.
  • Added the C3 flag. In this mode, there are only five different characters available; every character you meet will be one of these five.
  • Random occupation dwarf has a random occupation.
  • Fixed Hummingways' humming.
  • Miscellaneous text fixes.

v0.2.9 (June 12 2018)

  • The Great Text Mod.
    • Most NPC dialogue in the game has been rewritten to be basic gameplay hints or general silliness (thanks to riversmccown for writing the lion's share of the text).
    • Additionally, in a randomized seed, various random NPCs will hint at, or directly reveal, the locations of certain key items and characters.
  • Added the V flag: “Variants”. Each variant modifies your path to victory in some way. This release features two variants:
    • V1 - “Forge the Crystal”. In this variant, when you give the Legend Sword and Adamant to Kokkol, he will produce the Crystal instead of the Excalibur. (Conversely, the Excalibur is found in the key item pool instead of the Crystal.)
    • V2 - “Giant%”. In this variant, you win the game by completing the Giant of Bab-il. (Zeromus cannot be fought.)
  • Most item prices have been changed for gameplay balance; some of these changes are large. Balanced prices courtesy of riversmccown.
  • Balance adjustments to T2/S2:
    • BigBomb, FireBomb, Boreas, Blizzard, ZeusRage, and Lit-Bolt are no longer sold in S2 shops, though they may appear in the smithy shop.
    • Bacchus is moved to “rare” for T2 randomization.
    • Asura, Odin, and Sylph are downgraded to “rare” for T2 randomization and may appear in the Smithy shop in S2.
  • The load/save screen now displays a 4-symbol verification checksum instead of the seed number.
  • Fixed an issue where D. Mist may not appear in a No Free Lunch seed.
  • The flag string and randomizer version numbers are now factored into the randomization seed, meaning any change to either property will result in a different randomization.
  • Fixed glitched line in the ending text roll (fix courtesy of Myria).

v0.2.8 (April 17 2018)

  • Made Sirens work in E4 and in E3 with encounter toggle off.
  • Balance tweaks to S2 and T2.
  • Fixed an issue where a trapped chest could end up in an inaccessible location in the lunar subterrane/core.
  • Added D.Knight to the bosses guaranteed to not gate the underworld when running B1 with N2.
  • The Enterprise no longer lands automatically when returning to Toroia from the Tower of Zot; this is to prevent a cosmetic bug that can occur if that landing area is occupied by another airship.
  • Fixed a softlock from vanilla FF4 that could occur when opening the menu too quickly after cutscenes that end with the player on the airship.
  • Fixed a bug where a discarded treasure would fail to be retrievable after a battle occurs before leaving the map.
  • Fixed a bug from vanilla where Edward gets a ghost fifth menu command after returning from hiding.
  • Changed the Crystal to target only a single enemy, to avoid nuke glitch into crazy town.

v0.2.7 (March 29 2018)

  • Fixed the softlock when dismissing a party member with glitched item counts in their hands.
  • Fixed Apples and Soma Drops being able to appear in S3 shops and the S2 Smithy shop.
  • Fixed the price on Change Rod.
  • Fixed ending to show total treasures as 399.
  • In the Karate fight alt win condition, Yang now suicides instead of just ending the battle so that the party still gets EXP.

v0.2.6 (March 23 2018)

  • Fixed a bug in the Fusoya Challenge where Fusoya's HP would overflow if already maxed out by apples when completing Ordeals or defeating a boss.
  • Fixed the Enterprise getting stuck if it's underground when Mist burns down.
  • Fixed the Pass being unsellable in P0 seeds.
  • N2 now also removes the alt win condition from the Yang fight.

v0.2.5 (March 15 2018)

  • When opening a treasure chest, you may press R to immediately discard its contents. If you wish to undo that action, you can simply check the chest again; the discarded item will remain in the open chest until you leave the area. (If you return later, the chest will be empty.)
  • The E flag has been revised. The levels are now as follows:
    • E1 - reduces random encounter rate, and randomly disables some of the Trapdoor and Behemoth fights.
    • E2 - reduces random encounter rate, and disables all Trapdoor and Behemoth fights.
    • E3 - random encounters, Trapdoors and Behemoth fights can be turned on and off in the in-game Custom menu (defaults to off).
    • E4 - random encounters, Trapdoors and Behemoths are all disabled and cannot be turned on (as before).
  • Change to Fusoya challenge: Fusoya begins with 900 HP, and gains 1000 HP upon completion of Mt. Ordeals.
  • Added F2, an alternate Fusoya challenge – he starts with six spells and 500 HP, and gains three spells and 100 HP with each boss defeated.
  • Added N2: “no free bosses”. This sets the boss bit on all boss battle enemies, and removes the alternate win conditions from the D.Knight, K/Q Eblan, and Waterhag fights. (Dark Cecil is the new Wyvern.)
  • In T5, chests are now empty instead of containing Dark Matter.
  • In S5, shops now sell Cabins instead of Dark Matter.
  • Removed “do not fight now!” messages from D.Mist fight.
  • Put a bridge over the river south of Toroia to make it possible to get an airship unstuck from there without having to use the chocobo forest.
  • X2 - reduced the exp bonus granted to extremely-low-level characters, as sometimes they were overshooting the other party members in one battle.
  • Fixed an issue where Dark Knight Cecil would join your party after Ordeals if you had previously dismissed him from your party.
  • Reduced the total HP of the boss battle in the King/Queen Eblan position.

v0.2.4 (February 25 2018)

  • Added “quick trash mode” in the item menu, reached by selecting the trash can twice (like using it as an item). While in quick trash mode, selecting an item will immediately discard it. Be careful when using this!
  • Holding Y will make airships fly slower, and speed up yellow chocobos and the hovercraft.
  • Autodash can now be toggled in the in-game Custom menu.
  • Tweaked the “fight item” pool randomzation.
  • Made Edge/Fusoya slightly harder to find at C1.
  • Characters gaining multiple levels in a single battle will display a single “gained X levels” message.
  • Slightly sped up plot messages in battles.
  • Fixed graphical glitch with transforming bosses in back attack MilonZ slot.
  • Fixed EvilWall softlock in back attack.
  • Fixed palette issues with Rubicant replacement boss NPC.
  • Upper Babil trapped chest can no longer be randomized to a position after the pitfall (as that causes the formation in the chest to change).
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Hook from appearing in trapped chests at K3+.
  • X flag level now defaults to 2.

v0.2.3 (February 21 2018)

  • Experimental change: T2 and up now randomize the items in the “fight pool” (trapped chests, quest summons, Lunar bosses). The items chosen are of comparable overall rarity to the original fight pool.
  • Added X2 flag: 2x EXP is awarded after 10 key items have been found, and comparatively low-level party members receive bonus EXP.
  • Made K.Eblan and Q.Eblan killable.

v0.2.2 (February 19 2018)

  • Re-weighted the key item randomization at K3 and K4 so that key items are less favored to end up in trapped chests.
  • Increased P2 from two Passes to three.
  • Fixed Fusoya receiving J spells in Fusoya Challenge at J level 1.
  • Adjusted ending timing for seeds with 18 key items.

v0.2.1 (February 16 2018)

  • Fixed E flag being capped at 2 instead of 4.
  • Fixed $1/$2 not working with T3/T4.
  • Fix the missing $ character in the title screen when that flag is enabled.
  • Fix Edge missing Flame when Fusoya Challenge is enabled.
  • Fix the No Free Lunch ending showing Edward in Toroia instead of Rydia's Mom in Mist.
  • Minor adjustments to which items are converted in $1/$2.
  • Fixed $1/$2 to give the GP for 10 arrows instead of just 1.
  • Fixed character count in the ending scroll with the No Free Lunch challenge.
  • Fix the palette of the boss NPC in Cave Eblan.
  • Fix an issue where Adult Rydia joins with a white magic combat menu.
  • Fix key items showing up outside the key item pool when K is combined with P and T.
  • Added the ability to enter flag strings in the generator for quick flag setting.

v0.2.0 (February 13 2018)

  • This is a major release involving heavy rewrites – please expect some instability as we work out the kinks!
  • Added a plethora of new flags and flag levels, and changed around the presets; see the main page and details page for full information.
  • A quick summary of changes to existing flags for Free Enterprise veterans:
    • The J flag is now split into two levels; J1 is only items, J2 is items and commands/spells.
    • The K flag has three new levels. K1 is the old behavior; K2 mixes the key item pool with the summon/Lunar bosses; K3-4 also mixes in trapped treasure chests. K1-K3 guarantees a path to the underworld without going to the moon; K4 is unrestricted.
    • The new P flag affects where the Pass is found. P0 is old behavior (in a shop). P1 puts the Pass in the key item pool, and P2 puts two Passes in random treasure chests.
    • The C flag has two levels; C2 is the old behavior. C1 prevents Edge and Fusoya from appearing as a starting character or in a “free” slot.
    • T and S now have five levels; T1/S1 are “shuffle in place”, T2/S2 are “random but balanced”, T3/S3 are “freely random but not overpowered”, T4/S4 are the old Wild, and T5/S5 are empty.
    • The B flag now has two levels. B2 is the old behavior. B1 guarantees a path to the underworld without Golbez or Wyvern.
  • Added Myself086's fast menus patch.
  • Assigned prices to all items; the current prices used are from The Lunarian Shuffle with kind permission from Crow.
  • Closed access to jumping up/down the waterfall so that Octomamm would actually guard something.
  • Added brief description strings for all consumable items.
  • Removed the “Kain! Jump!” messages from the Valvalis fight.
  • Fixed the random out-of-bounds NPC appearing in the Path To Zeromus.
  • Fixed Tellah not having starting gear if recruited after Mt. Ordeals.
  • Fixed Yang and Dark Knight Cecil NPCs not appearing on the map if they were randomized into the Yang's guards slot.
  • Fixed mosaic effect getting stuck when dashing into an event while poisoned.
  • Fixed the garbled “you must take this item” message when attempting to leave the Treasure menu without taking a key item.
  • Removed Medusa Sword from the randomization since it can crash the game.

v0.1.4 (January 31 2018)

  • Fixed Watery Pass party member coming back after being recruited.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Pass to not appear in any shop.
  • Fixed a number of issues with finding Rydia after beating the Dwarf Castle.
  • Fixed dwarf tanks showing up underground outside Bab-il.
  • Attempted a fix for sometimes having a black screen after casting Exit. (unable to verify fix yet)

v0.1.3 (January 30 2018)

  • Restored the missing party member in the Watery Pass. Oops.
  • Previous EagleEye “fix” broke tents and cabins. Made a better fix.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes bosses could have ridiculous stats if randomized into their original slots.
  • Fixed an error in boss stats scaling, which occasionally resulted in very high stats, but more often in too-low stats.
  • Removed an extraneous line of text from the Dark Elf cutscene.

v0.1.2 (January 29 2018)

  • Fixed the Hook key item slot not being marked as an underworld location when randomizing key items (leading to configurations where the underworld was inaccessible).
  • Fixed Edge and Fusoya's spell sets when using the J flag.
  • Fixed cases where D.Lunar used fiend death animation.
  • EvilWall back attack crashes the game, so now EvilWall in MilonZ slot will be a front attack. (Which means, if you had preemptively changed formations in preparation for that fight, it's a legit back attack!)
  • Fixed EagleEye.
  • Replaced HP display on save/load screen with a key item counter.

v0.1.1 (January 28 2018)

  • Fixed an issue where call orbs would sometimes not function.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies with < 256 EXP were not awarding EXP.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur after randomized bosses with high EXP.
  • Added an exit from the Giant of Bab-il at its entrance.
  • Fixed getting Spoon instead Sandruby (and vice versa) in non-randomized key items mode.
  • Theoretical fix for some garbled text boxes.
  • Fix treasure chest dialog not showing item names for certain Japanese-content items.
  • Removed references to Yang/Tellah/Cecil in dialog in first Dark Elf fight.
  • Fixed Paladin Cecil accidentally starting with a Legend Sword when key items are randomized.

v0.1.0 (January 27 2018)

  • Initial release, featuring wayyyyyy not enough testing.
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