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 +======Tough Quests======
 +"​Tough"​ quests are those that require at least one key item to complete, and involve either a difficult boss location, a time-consuming check, or at least one terminal key item.
 +Since the Darkness Crystal and underground access unlock quite a few of these checks, the lunar and Feymarch boss location quests are weighted to balance their frequency rate against the other quests.
 +=====Tough quest pool=====
 +When objectives are generated with the ''​Orandom:​tough_quest''​ flag, they are chosen from a pool of 14-22 quest objectives.
 +The following quests are always in the tough quest pool:
 +  * Burn Mist
 +  * Cure the Fever with the Sandruby
 +  * Complete Cave Magnes
 +  * Complete the Tower of Zot
 +  * Liberate Baron Castle
 +  * Defeat the Baron Basement Throne
 +  * Launch the Falcon
 +  * Trade Away the Rat Tail
 +  * Trade Away the Pink Tail
 +  * Return the Pan to Yang's Wife
 +  * Complete the Sealed Cave
 +  * Destroy the Super Cannon
 +  * Have Kokkol Forge the Legend with Adamant
 +  * Defeat the Giant of Bab-il
 +Each of these quest objectives has a 60% chance of being in the tough quest pool:
 +  * Defeat the King of the Feymarch
 +  * Defeat the Queen of the Feymarch
 +  * Complete Cave Bahamut
 +  * Complete the Murasame Altar
 +  * Complete the Crystal Sword Altar
 +  * Complete the White Spear Altar
 +  * Complete the Ribbon Room
 +  * Complete the Masamune Altar
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