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   * [[https://​​document/​d/​1YYY5ODIeSoup2yT5dcIP6zNTx8-oLBTMPSr2CEaaXYQ/​edit#​|So You Think You Can Jump: A Push B Primer]]   * [[https://​​document/​d/​1YYY5ODIeSoup2yT5dcIP6zNTx8-oLBTMPSr2CEaaXYQ/​edit#​|So You Think You Can Jump: A Push B Primer]]
   * [[common_grinds|Common Grinds]]   * [[common_grinds|Common Grinds]]
 +  * [[https://​​playlist?​list=PL3_C1aFEi4T-imzLVuiHc1lZkVGqhapix | FE 101 - Boss Strategies]] by Invenerable
 ==== Reference Spreadsheets And Calculators ==== ==== Reference Spreadsheets And Calculators ====
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