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 +*Note this page is under construction. Several things are still incomplete and will need work.\\
 +Planned updates. Convert "show message"​ and some spell names to readable, useful format. \\
 +Separate bosses from regular enemies.\\
 +Better enemy orders.\\
 +This is a list of all the enemies in the game (with a few exceptions for what appeared to be testing only enemies). Each link contains most of the raw data about each monster, including their AI scripts. If you would like a simplified view, please look at this spreadsheet.
 +If you would like to know enemy drops, they can be found [[item_drops|on this page]] (or [[item_drops_noj|here]] if Eno:jdrops is enabled)\\
 +If you would like to know enemy locations, please review this. https://​gamefaqs.gamespot.com/​snes/​522596-final-fantasy-ii/​faqs/​53579\\
 +Please note no information is guaranteed. All the information in the below links was extracted using a modified version of FF4kster, however there was a human element in extracting said data. The above links as well should be correct, but there is potential for errors. \\
   - [[Imp]]   - [[Imp]]
   - [[Basilisk]]   - [[Basilisk]]
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