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 +====== Community Races ======
 +Everyone is welcome to join in our weekly Community races. These official races are held twice a week and are restreamed on [[https://​​FreeEnterprise|Free Enterprise]]. ​ These races are coordinated through the Free Enterprise discord, and a guide to getting started with racing Free Enterprise on Discord can be found [[https://​​document/​d/​18ab5ejhqr_iwQ0e6m04BB0Nf2dlFaO5mw6fpbWie3Q4/​|here]]. The Monday races start promptly at 8pm Eastern, and the Friday races start promptly at 10pm Eastern.
 +If you have a flagset you'd like to suggest for a community race, check out [[http://​​FF4FE-CRSuggestions]]
 ===== How to Participate ===== ===== How to Participate =====
-(info forthcoming)+  * Join the discord! The #race and #​race-alerts channels will both have information about how to join an active race. If you're not sure which race is for the community race, ask in #​race. ​ Race rooms for community races are typically opened an hour before the start of the race. 
 +  * Community races **require** you to stream. Please do not turn on any stream delay. 
 +  * Please register your twitch stream with the racebot through the **!setstream** command. ​(You only have to do this once, unless you’ve changed your Twitch account) 
 +  * The restreamer will ask for volunteers to be on the restream. If you would like to volunteer, please have your stream output set to 720p or less, with a bitrate of 2500 or less.  Settings higher than that can overly tax the restreamer’s computer and the increased resolution won’t actually show up on the restream. 
 +  * The seed is rolled 10 minutes before the start time. This is done by the restreamer or an admin 
 +  * The race is locked to new entrants shortly after the seed is rolled. This is done as a way to help the race start on time. 
 +  * When you have loaded the seed and are ready to start, use **!ready**. ​  
 +  * Any runners who have not used **!ready** by the start time of the race may be kicked from that particular race, so that the race can continue as planned. You are still welcome to play the seed alongside the rest of the runners, and welcome to join future races. 
 +  * Do not discuss the race outside of the #​race-spoilers channel while any runner has yet to complete the race.   
 +  * Setting your stream to **emote only** is encouraged while you are in the race. 
 +Special Notes if you are chosen to be a featured runner on the restream: 
 +  * Turn off your mic. 
 +  * Turn off stream alerts. 
 +  * Turn off any stream delay.  
 +  * Please set your stream output set to 720p or less, with a bitrate of 2500 or less. Settings higher than that can overly tax the restreamer’s computer and the increased resolution won’t actually show up on the restream. 
 +  * Please have game sounds/​music on, if possible. 
 +  * Have a save from a previous game loaded and wait on an world map 
 +  * The restreamer will let you know when you’re cropped and audio is balanced, and then you can load the seed when it’s available. 
 +  * If the restreamer asks you to adjust your sound levels or video output settings, please do so. If you cannot, the restreamer may have to choose another participant to be on the restream in your place. 
 +  * Once you’re cropped, do not change your layout. 
 +  * When you have finished the race, make sure to press A through any remaining dialogue windows until the credits roll, and then keep streaming until the restreamer lets you know you are good to cut. 
 +Also see the [[Guides & Resources]] or [[https://​​document/​d/​18ab5ejhqr_iwQ0e6m04BB0Nf2dlFaO5mw6fpbWie3Q4/​| racing on Discord]] for more guides/info pertaining to races, including our generalized race rules. There you can find information like allowed emulators and consoles, more information about the racebot, and more.
-====== Upcoming Community Races ======+===== Upcoming Community Races ===== 
 +Each week both the Monday race and Friday race share a flagset. For more detailed and up-to-date information about upcoming race times and flagsets, please view the upcoming races spreadsheet at http://​​FF4FE-Races.
-^ Date ^ Time ^ Nickname ^ Flags ^ Channel ^ 
-|Nov 8 2019|10pm ET|Give Me Half The World|Omode:​classicforge/​1:​boss_darkelf/​2:​boss_elements/​3:​boss_lugae/​win:​crystal Kmain/​summon/​moon Pkey Crelaxed/​distinct:​6/​j:​abilities Twildish/​sparse:​50 Sstandard/​quarter Bstandard/​alt:​gauntlet/​whyburn Nchars Etoggle Gmp/​warp/​life -kit:​minimal -spoon| | 
-====== Past Community Races ======+===== Volunteering ​=====
-^ Date ^ Time ^ Nickname ^ Flags ^ VOD ^ +We are also interested in volunteers looking to help administer and run our race streams. Specifically,​ we look for: 
-|Nov 1 2019|10pm ET|FREE DRK MATTERS..I mean candy... (4.0b)|Omode:​dkmatter/win:game Kmain/trap Pnone Crelaxed/maybe/j:abilities/nodupes Twild Scabins/free Bstandard/alt:​gauntlet/whichburn Nchars/key Etoggle Glife -kit:basic -spoon|TODO|+  * Commentators,​ who provide narration, context, and insight for race viewers; [[https://​|Commentary Standards]] 
 +  * Trackers, who observe and record each racers'​ progress so that viewers can follow along; [[​edit|A guide for tracking]] 
 +  * Restreamers,​ who combine the featured racers'​ individual streams and audio commentary to deliver the master stream. [[https://​​FF4FERestreams|Restream Guide]] and [[https://​​videos/​451043752?​collection=PFEKYskwsBUYoA|Restream tutorial video]]
 +Interested in signing up? Visit [[https://​​forms/​SQ8XglvZl3mBSU2q1]] !
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